Product Care

How to take care for our different material

How to take care of our products?

We want your products to last as long as you need them so please read the advice below for caring for your product:


Wood products:

  • Gently wipe with a light wet cloth/wipes for cleaning.

  • Please do not use harsh chemicals in cleaning.

Acrylic & PVC products:

  • For transparent acrylic cleaning gently wipe with a dry soft cloth on the engraved area and light wet soft cloth/wipes for the other areas.

  • For others (Colored Acrylic & PVC) gently wipe with a light wet cloth/wipes for cleaning.

  • If you use harsh cloth or chemicals for cleaning the plastic material will be foggy and scratched over time.

  • It should not be exposed to heat, since it's plastic material and it can be affected.

**Please be careful not to put any pressure on your products since we cannot replace items that have been mistreated.