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Fully Customized Products

Fully Customized Products:

  • Here you can request totally customized products, by filling up this form.

  • Please be informed that we will contact you by phone call, WhatsApp message, or E-mail within 24 hours to confirm the final price and order.

  • The prices depend on material, size, and quantity.

  • This form is for 2 products only, if you want to request more, please fill out another form

  • You can contact us if you have any further questions, through our contacts.

Fully Customized Products Request

Thanks for submitting!

Ordering Process

Contact us

You Contact us by submitting a customization form, or you can contact us directly through our contacts.

We will give you the prices within 24h to confirm before designing your order.

Quantities and large products

The large size products and quantities are preferable to be received from our head office, and in case requested to be delivered through the shipping company, it will be in your responsibility, where in case of breaking or loss, it's considered a new order and it applies to the above process.

Order proceeding

Once we have settled all the requested order details, you give us the required details to confirm your order. We start designing your order, and send it back to you within 48h, to confirm it before proceeding to avoid any mistakes.

Proceeding with your order design will start after confirming the design

Payment terms

The payment of the single product is 100% upon delivery.

The payment of the quantities is 50% of the amount paid before the order proceeds, and the other 50% commenced upon delivery.

Receving your order

The single order takes from confirming the design 3-7 working days.

The duration of the quantities is determined based on the complexity of the design and the amount to be executed.

Cancelation & Returnes

Personalized orders cannot be canceled if products have already been produced, and we can't  replace or retrieve them because these personalized products are made specifically to meet your needs and cannot be re-sold.

Please check Cancelation & Returns policy 

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